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Belgium Icons for community.livejournal.com/sweetsandbeer/ that I just finished. Warning, I did not draw ANY of these beautiful pictures and would like people to know that. All the images used were from various sites: Pixiv, Shuu-Shuu, Photobucket, and what not. Sadly, I do not remember the artist so I can't give them proper credit; However, if you know the artist please tell me so I can credit them. If you are the artist and would like me to remove these icon's just tell me and I will do so immediately. 

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The above Icons were drawn by
choco--mint.deviantart.com/     and fluffowuzzybums.deviantart.com/     Go check them out!

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Well I hope you guys enjoy them!

"Natalia!" She hadn't the strength to sit up and instead waved a lazy arm  to signal her current position nestled in bed. As always the apartment door slammed shut behind her husband who'd tossed his keys on the table and rushed to visit his wife. "Sup Preggers?" Natalia glared daggers at the obnoxious man, who'd suddenly appeared at the bedroom door without so much as a sound.

"Don't call me that!" Hissed the woman who chucked a phone at his head and missed.

"Whoa! You really suck now don't you?" His obnoxious smile widened at the pout lining Natalia's lips. "Awwww...don't be like that," crossing over towards the woman, he cuffed her chin and kissed away any frowns until there was only a thin line.

"If I had my knives I've hit you."

"If you had your knives I'd be headless. Then who's be here to take care of this guy?" Alfred motioned over to the nine month belly that was currently hanging out his stretched out High School Musical tee-shirt.

"Matthew," Alfred raised an eyebrow at the name. "your brother?"

It took a second for the information to finally register and when it did, the clown grin he'd been wearing  sunk faster than the titanic out at sea. "Psssh... Mattie  would be a lame Dad, scoot over fatass. Oww!" The man groaned rubbing at the patch of skin Natalia's nails had managed to pinch. Natalia smirked as Alfred carefully maneuvered his way so his wife could rest comfortably in his shoulder. "God, your hormones are going crazy today aren't they?"

"Calling me a fat-ass doesn't exactly help them you know.” warned the woman while the man just laughed at the empty threat.

"As old Abe said I cannot tell a lie."

"That was George Washington you idiot, learn your country's history." Here would be the time she'd push him off the bed, but exhaustion loomed overhead and succeeded in sucking away any energy she might have reserved. "c-can we not fight right now?"

Every fiber of his being shouted at Alfred to seize this impostor woman by the arms and demand the whereabouts of his frost bitten wife. For all he knew, she could have high jacked some airplane and personally flown back to Russia to be with her precious siblings. Dream filled sky orbs ran over the figure of the woman whose lashes that went on for days struggled for victory against sleep. Even an idiot, just as himself could tell she was clearly mentally and physically drained from carrying their child for nine months. Besides, why ruin just peaceful moments that were so rare with his ice queen who normally pushed any display of affection away?

"Fineee..I guess we can just sit here and cuddle."

"I don’t cuddle." Once again silence overtook the two as Alfred sat inhaling the essence of snowdrops which lingered on platinum blond. As always, the two fit together like a puzzle bending against one another while creating a whole; these precious moments continued onward and would be the focus of much teasing later.

“You know...if you’re tired you can take a nap.” Offered Alfred.

“Can’t...my back hurts like hell and every-time I get comfortable I suddenly have to piss..” she sighed leaning further into the mans shoulder as gentle fingers weaved playful patterns of stars and stripes along her aching back.

“Want a heating pad?”

“No.” If it’d been anyone else that hardening of the voice would signal for them to back the fuck off. Fear rang and echoed through every cell in the Americans body as his hand ceased its movements and hastily retreated  to safety. Natalia moaned sinking her face further into his shoulders crevice. “All I want is to sit here with you and listen to you, is that so much to ask?”

“I thought you hated my voice,” his grin widened nudging away to reveal his wife’s frost bitten pink face. “Did you suddenly become sweet in the few hours I was gone? Cause if you did, I hope it lasts as I like this wife much more than my old one.” Her small hand pounded on the man not quite as forcefully as she would have liked it to. “Yep! Much better than my old wife, your beatings don’t hurt at all!”

“Did you just get home and decide ‘I think I’m going to be mean to my poor pregnant wife?’”

“Psssh,” Alfred rolled his eyes as the two once again fell into place against one another. “Gimmie some credit I’ve been planning this day for years.” Natalia let out a small yawn as he once again started running his fingers in intricate designs on her back. “So how was your day?”

She let out a moan, he laughed at the pathetic answer. “That bad? Are you sure it’s mine, with all the trouble it’s causing you it must be Gilbert’s. Natalia, be honest with me, this kid is Gil’s isn’t it?”

“Oh...you caught me,” her voice seemed to have gained some strength as she ran a warm hand over her belly. “Except...I’m sorry to say Gilbert isn’t the father, it’s actually Denmark’s... he used to be a viking you know.”

“I’ll kill him!” Alfred nearly shot up but was held back by a smirking Natalia. “How dare he do this to you, don’t worry baby we’ll get a shit ton of child support out of him. Then, it’s off to the islands and you can get a tummy tuck that puts that octomom’s to shame.” By now it was impossible to keep a straight face so Alfred laughed and hugged the woman closer. “Also, since this kid’s not even mine we’re totally ditching him with Denmark and Norway.”

“Does that mean we don’t have to get them anything for Christmas?”

“Hell yeah it does. We gave them the gift of life, they’ll owe us big time.” Natalia rolled her eyes at the rantings of her husband which continued onward about his day and the crazy shenanigans he and his co-works had participated in during the lunch hour. Something about racing their chairs or perhaps vandalizing Arthur’s cubicle with pictures of Zac Efron and Taylor Lautner, maybe both, Natalia didn’t know and quite honestly didn't care.

The woman let out a content sigh as she snuggled deeper into the warmth Alfred provided while listening to his outdoor voice weave the comedic tales of the day. Slowly, without warning the voice blended together creating a melody Natalia had come to love and needed just to fall asleep. Alfred, so caught up in his heroic tale didn’t even notice as the small woman’s breath evened out and her eyelashes fluttered shut.

“Лека нощ.”

This is my first time writing Natalia and Alfred so I’m a little nervous about their characterization and dialog...hopefully they aren’t too OOC. I had a pretty good time writing this fic and I hope you enjoy it nupinoop296.

Ugh...I always do this, I put things off to the very last second and somehow manage to scramble by. I'm talking about my History of Civilization test that begins in 48 hours or something. Drrrr... I'm just going to sit at home and not do anything, it's not like I'm failing that class. Why bother studying? Why? Because this test I literally know nothing about, and it's all boring..well...besides the plague, that was just cool.Still I dont have the time to read 33 pages on slavery! Yeah, I get it: my ancestors took you from your homeland and did terrible things to you and you're angry about it. I get it! Don't force it down my throat to the point I become apathetic to it. 

If anybody is reading this, I know Slavery is a huge deal but focusing on it instead of other aspects of History is not cool.

Well, my classes are almost out~! Yeah, I've been cheating my way through math and now I have to learn everything that I didn't in time for the final. Don't do what I do, stay on top of your subjects and read! I'm a terrible role model.

As for writing, I've got three fics that I have to get out and make into a masterpiece. Which, is crazy, because let's face it, my writing is not the best and I feel like anybody who receives my fic will be ripped off. I'm struggling with the America and Belarus one just because I lack any experience in cute cuddle moments. Yeah, I'm 18 years old and the only person I've ever cuddled with is my dad. The FemFrance and England one is coming along, I've got the first part, but I'm worried about the second as again I have no experience in romance so what if it comes out corny and overly cheesy?

Finally, there's the Ukraine and Canada one that I'm freaking waters over! These two characters are so different from me: shy, reserved, and whatnot and I've never read anything about them. ughh...I really don't know why I signed up for this het thing, oh yeah I wanted Belgium Prussia fanfic. Ugh...It's scary finding a Beta...I don't want to bother anybody and I'm scared that people will just laugh at my writing.

Asking for help at TCC is a no go, thats just stupid. And Loren would say yes, but never get around to it. Wish me luck people.
First of all, my house is freezing! It's colder on the inside than it is outside! Darn old houses, people back in the day didn't know about ventilation did they? Well, the freezing temperature is a easy fix, all I need is a sweater. However, my hands are constantly cold, I'm going to buy gloves tomorrow.

Finals are coming up quickly, it's actually hard to believe that my classes will be over in less than a month. I'm all signed up for my other classes and Fasfa payed for them all! Hurray for the government paying for your tuition. Now if only they'd give us free health care....

nothing much to say really... I'm a very boring person.
Whoa! It's been months since I've updated on this journal. If this was a child it would be dead from the lack of attention and love. XDD lesson here? I should never have children. Okay moving on, I started college? Did I mention that? Yeah, I'm an underachiever and reaching for the stars by going to a community college. I swear, whenever I walk on campus I feel all my hopes and dreams diminishing. One by one like lights.

I had a humanities slide Identification test today, at the moment we're studying the different types of architecture and art styles during the Hellenistic period, the Mycenaean period, the Minoan age, the Greek Archaic period, The Greek Classical period, and finally the early Christian Period. Which is cool, seeing the evolution of art and how it relates to the time period is really fascinating in my opinion. I want to see the Nike of Samothrace from the Hellenistic period, it's so pretty and I also desire to visit the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople .  I'm pretty sure I did okay on the Slide ID part, however I'm not too sure on the second part of the exam. I haven't really been studying (whoops! I blame fanfiction and being lazy.)  I'll get onto that tomorrow and on Halloween.

OMG IT"S ALMOST HALLOWEEN! I have done nothing and am greatly disappointed in myself as a person and more importantly as an American. I've only watched and read the Halloween tree, there are no decorations up, I did buy a very ugly Pumpkin cause I felt sorry for it ( I was worried nobody would like it so I took it and gave it a nice home.) PLus I have no costume! This is terrible, what am I going to do? I'll have to run to the store to pick something up. Loren and I were going to go as Mario and Yoshi, how dorky is that? I love it. I might or might not have plans for Halloween we shall see.

I've got my classes picked out for next semester and I picked up an art class, I would have taken the Human body class...but I was waaaaaaay to embarrassed just thinking about staring at a person naked...so i avoided that.

I need to learn Japanese so I can fuel my desire for doushins
So, today is September 6th meaning that it is Labor day and just about everything in the world is closed (except my work, luckily I wasn't scheduled.) This also means no classes so I got to sleep in today, well I would have but my body felt the need to wake me up around 8 or 9 am I don't even know.  I've spent a good chunk of the time lazing about trying to stay cool in this Florida heat >< which is hard I tell ya. My aunt and uncle are coming over for dinner and I'm not looking forward to that, our house is so small and it gets crowded really easily, plus we don't get along too well.

I've been reading up on Belgium a lot lately and her history and I'm simply fascinated by everything the people have been through to become independent. I'm going out and buying a few books on Belgium later, I also started collected pictures of all the buildings, they're beautiful O.O My mom asked if I was planning on moving to Belgium and while I said no, deep down I think it's going to be the place where I settle down. Which means I have to learn French or Dutch >>
So, like hundreds of times before I have started a journal, only to update a few times and forget about it. Perhaps Journals and I  were never meant to be. Tragic I know.

Okay, report time. I got a job at publix (don't know if I mentioned it before, if I did well... it's obviously important enough to bring up twice.) Graduated from Sail with Honors (hurray for cheating.) Didn't get my Bright Futures scholarship cause math is a gaytard. I signed up for college and finical aid is doing critical damage to my hp, currently I hold no potions and I'm not a healer >> ....lets see.... Keira is back in town from Chicago and we went to go see Toy Story 3 last night with Kiki and Loren. Keira, Kiki, and I turned out to be complete pansy's and cried waterworks at the end. As for other things, I'm still having trouble with perspective drawing and watercolor is also kicking my butt.

 Rainy season....yay... It's hot as hell too, like 98 in the afternoon with 88% humidity. Terrible.

Got into Hetalia, trying to get back into Tales, and also trying to get back into fanfiction. ( I lost my desire to read it and i couldn't be more depressed. )   

Still single. Turned 18. Yes I am an old fart now, also I have the music taste of a gay man.
Oh.... my goodness.... my feet are killing me. Seriously I wish I could just take them off, put them in steaming hot water, and leave them in there till morning. So, as you might have guessed, I just got off work 4:00 - 11:00 and I literally had no time to sit down and rest for a second, the entire time I was running back and forth trying to bag for people, getting carts, collecting stuff, getting things, cleaning and things of that nature. Get this, apparently, seven people just pulled a no show and left the rest of us out to dry. I had to do carts for more then two hours today! My poor feet.

Florida sucks, I can deal with the heat, but not the humidity. That's what really gets me. So, the entire day I'm constantly worried about sweating and smelling ( theres some REALLY cute guys at work. Somehow everytime one talks to me, I'm sweating like a pig and my hair is a disaster zone) I really can't stand being sweaty, I feel so gross. So of course the first thing I did when I got home was take a shower.

Anyway, Loren treated me to a yogo berry ice-cream lunch (which was really nice! I had fun darling!) We talked about what I did for my birthday, talked of Who's line, and just hung out; it was really nice.

I know I did terrible on my Psychology test today, boo.  Then again, considering I only REALLY studied the sex chapter its no wonder I didn't do too well. Well, at least it gives me an excuse to complain to Matt about stuff and we can talk. Matt is pretty cool, he's always got his head in a book, I really want to bring him out of his shell. Hopefully he isn't dating that terrible Jennifer chick who has a mullet!  She's such a bitch.

One last thing, I seem to be at a cross road: on one hand I could go to Disney Grad Night ( Disney world!!!!! ) or I could save my money for the intensive..... I think I'll go to Disney World I'm sure I'll have enough cash to spend on the trip, besides Disney after hours!
You know how in your head you build up a certain event? And in the end it isnt like what you expected at all? Thats what my 18th birthday was like. I'm always seeing movies/shows/hearing about peoples 18th birthday and it sounds like a blast. So why did mine suck so much? I get the feeling that my best friend loren completly forgot about my birthday, and only realized it when she saw the gigantic balloons following me. I got a poorly sung happy birthday song and a gentle sick to the leg. Forgive me for not jumping with joy.

I spent the afternoon hanging out with Valerie studying/ doing boring things, it was pretty fun. my day cooked a spagetthi dinner, I hate that stuff. and the only gift I got was a watch. Disney Princess theme. Maybe I'm just being a downer and making it seem worse then it was, but isnt a 18th birthday a day that you remember for the rest of your life? All I'll remember is going to sleep early cause there was nothing better to do.
So, yesterday was Senior skip day, so being the amazingly cool senior that I am, I skipped. And while some lamers went to the beach Loren and I decided to stay home and be cool watching FlapJack, playing pokemons, going to Mc Donalds for breakfast, and sleeping. 

So the blood bank called up and were in dire need of my blood so I was like 'what the hay' and went and donated some blood. Dude, giving blood tires me the fudge out and I was out of it for hours. ( I had to do to work too ><)

So, I found myself a new fandom it's het (yay!) and its Prussia x Hungary from Hetalia and I could not be more in love. so many pretty pictures and Prussia is such a man I am saving my Vital Regions for him to invade and concur *mad fan girl scream* and America is a man, he gives me a reason to care about USA history. Yawn... I;m tired. But no sleeping yet. More fanfiction~!~!~ Sad thing is, because fangirls are all like YAOI!!! there isn't a large supply of this amazing couple. Booo ><

Lots of picture ideas for these two.
1.Cute bath scene
2. Prussia is invading Hungary's Vital Regions!
3. Cute folk dancing
4. short fanfic comic

I have been eating so many lemon pops lately my mouth is all like 'no more sour!!!' and i'm just like 'more more more~!!!!!'